The simple rules to charging your battery

Do not leave charging batteries unattended

Do not attempt to charge damaged or deformed batteries

Only charge the battery as much as necessary

Use the correct charger

The recommended charge time is based on a completely flat battery

When storing we recommend charging the battery to 50% of its capacity

Please note: Li-po batteries can store their charge for up to 1 month

If your model is involved in a crash then inspect the battery for damage

When disposing of the battery for any reason, immerse the battery in salt water for 24 hours to discharge it

Safety Precautions:

Never charge a lithium battery if it is below 3.0V per cell, puffed up, or damaged.

Always place on a fire-proof surface when charging.

Only use chargers designed to work with Lithium Polymer batteries.

Never leave your battery unattended while charging!

We now stock these safety charging bags for Li-Polymer batteries.

Li-Polymer LIPO, NICDs, NIMHs Battery..

Li-Polymer LIPO, NICDs, NIMHs Battery.. £7.99

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