Helicopter Training Set

Its purpose is to stabalise the helicopter to protect the main blades from damage while the user is learning to lift off or hover.

Just attach to your helicopters skids. The stabaliser set allows you to slide across the floor making it virtually impossible to tip over during those early attempts to fly.

Fitting The Training Set

A guide to fitting the larger universal training set - for electric RC helicopters
First push the white plastic rings onto the metal rods - to about 4cm.
Then push on the foam balls and place another plastic ring onto the end of the rod.

Push two of the other ends of the rods into adjacent slots in the plastic centre hub. Make sure they are pushed all the way in. Then loosley attach the rods to the top of the skid with the tie wraps.

Attach the other two rods in the same way on the other side. Once the hub is centred you can then tighten the tie wraps, securing the training set firmly in place.


The final result should look like this. You can buy the large training kit here

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